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A blockchain company headquartered in the United States, Ripple, has joined forces with the Republic of Palau to introduce a Palauan Stablecoin (PSC) backed by the US dollar, all orchestrated on the XRP Ledger.

Ripple Initiates CBDC Trial in Partnership with Republic of Palau
Ripple Initiates CBDC Trial in Partnership with Republic of Palau

The Palauan Stablecoin (PSC), backed by the US dollar, is set to find its home on the XRP Ledger (XRPL), a blockchain platform with a 10-year track record of millions of transactions. This ledger boasts carbon-neutral credentials and offers heightened privacy and security for handling tokenized assets. The pilot project will roll out in stages, with approximately 200 government employees and local merchants in Palau taking part in the first phase.

Project Insights

In the context of this controlled stablecoin pilot, Palau will also make use of the Ripple Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Platform, a comprehensive solution enabling central banks to launch their digital currencies. This platform provides the necessary technical resources to represent Palau’s official currency, the US dollar, in digital form. It empowers Palau to oversee and customize the entire life cycle of the stablecoin, encompassing distribution and transactions. A stablecoin, a digital unit running on a blockchain, maintains a fixed value. In this instance, each PSC will hold a value equivalent to one US dollar, backed by a 1:1 reserve in fiat currency and issued on the XRPL. The operational model resembles other reserve-backed private stablecoins, such as USDC or USDT, with a distinguishing feature—the involvement of the Republic of Palau’s Ministry of Finance (MOF). The MOF will assume the role of overseeing the system and initiating the issuance and redemption of stablecoin units while perpetually safeguarding the 1:1 reserve.

The President of the Republic of Palau expressed the hope that digitizing their currency would enhance economic and government processes, thereby improving financial transactions and empowering their citizens. Being a smaller nation, Palau has the advantage of being agile and innovative in launching its stablecoin. They place their trust in Ripple’s extensive experience in CBDCs and blockchain technology, coupled with the environmentally friendly XRP Ledger, to facilitate the creation of their national digital currency, which promises greater financial prosperity for their citizens.

Initial Phase Highlights

In the first phase of the pilot project, government employees in Palau who volunteered for the initiative will receive an allocation of PSC tokens for testing purposes. The Palauan Stablecoin (PSC) is poised to deliver numerous benefits to its citizens, merchants, and government, including enhanced financial inclusion, reduced transaction fees, and lower currency-related costs. It will also significantly accelerate transaction processing times.

To instill confidence among Palauan citizens that the PSC is a secure and effective monetary instrument that can support economic activity, Phase One of the controlled pilot aims to achieve the following key milestones:

  • The Palau Ministry of Finance (MOF) should be able to securely and consistently create, distribute, process incoming redemptions, and remove PSC with complete control over the total circulation on a 24/7 real-time basis.
  • Government employees in Palau should be able to make purchases of goods and services at select retailers using PSC for payment at the point of sale.
  • Palauan retailers should be able to receive and verify payments made by individuals using PSC in a secure manner and convert received PSC into funds in their local bank accounts.

Following the successful completion of Phase One, further phases of the Palauan stablecoin initiative are scheduled for rollout later in 2023.

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